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The Clockworks
Since early in recorded human history man had the need to measure time. Sunlight played a basic role in the length of days and nights. As the first sun dials were crafted, man developed a way to track time throughout the day. This led to the development of hour glasses and candle dials until the 14th century when mechanical clocks were introduced.

These amazing pieces required a high level of craftsmanship in the mechanisms and casings alike. Today, it does not take an expert eye to see the beauty and value of these historic timepieces. It does take the expertise of a craftsman to properly repair and renovate.

The Clockworks has an impressive selection of these vintage timepieces. You may also browse some of our current wall clocks, mantle clocks, and floor clocks in our online gallery.Call us to discuss appraisals, restoration, or the acquisition of one of our vintage time pieces.

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