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Sandy Greiner Pilates

Sandy Greiner Pilates



About Us

Reach your goals faster with personalized training from our team of expert instructors. We blend classical and contemporary Pilates with current movement science to help you accomplish your fitness or rehabilitation goals. Our certified teachers have expertise in developing sports specific and condition related protocols. Our clients are golfers, tennis players, equestrians, dancers and desk warriors. We have training in pelvic floor health, neuromuscular conditions, pre- and postnatal, orthopedic conditions, breast cancer recovery, and auto-immune conditions.

We believe that when it comes to movement, one size does not fit all. Your sessions are personalized with an eagle eye on alignment, biomechanics and just the right number of repetitions to gain strength without risking injury. Whether you are an athlete, new mom or just starting out with fitness, we have a passion for creating just the right blend of strengthening, stretching and mobility work.

You will leave each session feeling invigorated, stronger and better connected to your powerhouse--Joseph Pilates name for the strengthened core musculature.

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