Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce

Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce

Ragsdale, Inc.


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About Us

Since 1977, Ragsdale, Inc. has been one of the top painting, decorating and finishing firms along Chicago's prestigious north shore. Our firm produces the most exquisite painted finishes in the industry, utilizing an arsenal of environmentally progressive products. From pristine exterior restorations to the finest of interior wall finishes, paper hanging, and cabinet and furniture finishes, each member of the Ragsdale team truly embodies the term ''master craftsman.'' If you place value in legitimacy, professionalism, and a meticulous finished product, then Ragsdale, Inc. is the perfect partner for you!


Custom Finished Foyer
Exterior Repaint
Gold Leaf Cabinet
Refinished Kitchen
High Gloss Brushed Ceiling
Refinished Staircase
Refinished Garage Doors
Custom Finished Mantle
Refinished Cabinets
Wallpaper Installation
Faux Silk Paneling
Sprayed High-gloss Shutters
Refinished Kitchen Cabinets
High Gloss Sprayed Ceiling
Traditional Entry