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Triple-threat dining: Aboyer and Silencieux join George Trois for a Winnetka trifecta

Michael Lachowicz’s brilliant restaurant's; the bustling brasserie Aboyer, and the sedate, 24-seat Silencieux — putting Lachowicz and his slightly expanded staff in charge of three restaurants, at notably different price points, under one roof.

Check your bank balance; pick your Lachowicz experience.

You’ll spend the most money at George Trois, where the 12-course menu checks in at $215. But every one of those courses will be delivered by Lachowicz personally, offering a level of chef-guest contact that no other area restaurant provides. And Lachowicz’s gentle, self-effacing manner takes intimidation out of the experience.

George Trois

64 Green Bay Road, Winnetka


Tribune rating: Four stars

Open: Dinner Wednesday-Sunday

Prices: 12-course menu, $215

Noise: Conversation-friendly